Doors Are Beginning to Open

I have never fasted for more than 3 days before this year 2018. I decided to join this year  21 days Open Doors fast of this commission. Although I attend catholic church,  I was trusting God for many things some of which are fruit of the womb for my friend who got married last year May but was under pressure in less than 2 months and also  a good job for a friend of mine. Before the fast was over I received the news from my friend that she has conceived and few days after the fast my friend received a text message for a job offer in a company. I still believe mine is on the way but for these ones I don’t want to take it for granted. I judge GOD faithful.


God’s Protection and Provision upon my life and family and for providing me with a new job

I want to return all the glory to the God of Dunamis for his preservation, protection and provision upon my life and family. March last year I was invited for an interview for a job I did not apply for after being jobless for two years. After the interview I was given employment as a Contract Staff which was supposed to last for the period of six months. Within this period, I joined the Sanctuary department and each time I am sweeping or cleaning, I cried and reminded the God of Dunamis about His promises to me. I told him I cannot be keeping his Sanctuary clean and be begging to eat. On the exact day the Contract expired, my appointment with the organisation was renewed this time as a Permanent Staff and not just that, my cadre was changed from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Officer. Also less than one year with the organisation, I was given an Award as the Best Staff for Year 2017. I thank God of Dunamis for making all this things possible within a couple of months. Sis Caroline

Caroline Emelue Animam


I want to return all the glory to God for seeing me through out my graduate programme. I finished my final year exams on the 20th of December, 2017. I was also trusting God for a job before my NYSC and the first day of the 21 days’ fast for 2018, I went for an interview and the following day I was called to come and resume. I want to return all the glory to the Almighty God

Paulina Ishang

All Year Round Favour

I want to thank God for His favour over my life and that of my family. During last year (2017) 21 days fasting, I wrote down what I want God to do for me. And to all glory to God, He kept His promise. I got a new career job, move to a better house, start my MSc programme, financial favour and above all, God preserved me and my family members. 2017 was an all year round favour for me my family May His Name alone be praise.

Bro Israel

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