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Positioning For The Blessing of God [Part 1 & 2] mp3 by Dr Paul Enenche

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Dr. Paul Enenche
MESSAGE OBJECTIVE: Understanding what it takes to be positioned for the Blessing of God
1. God is the Author and Source of the Blessing (Gen. 1:28; Rev. 7:12)
2. God created man with a decree of the Blessing (Gen. 1:28; 9:1-2)
3. God established conditions for the activation of the Blessing (Deut. 28:1-2; Gen. 12:2-3)
4. Many are unable to access the Blessing of God because they are unable to subscribe to the conditions of the Blessing (Deut. 28:1-2)
5. Many are unable to sustain the Blessing because they are unable to maintain the conditions that brought the Blessing (Isa. 51:1-2; Luke 15:15-17)
1. Remaining strong in the Lord in the midst of the Blessing (Job 1:1-3; Deut. 8:18; Prov. 1:32; 2Chron. 26:5; Dan. 6:10)
God will bless those who can maintain a stability of spirituality in the midst of opportunity
God tries the heart before He empowers the hand
There are many people who go down spiritually whenever God enables them to go up materially and that is a calamity
God blesses people whose spiritual and eternal destinies are safe with the Blessing
2. Glorifying God, the Source of the Blessing, through the Blessing (Isa. 61:9; 42:8; Dan. 2:29-37; Acts 12:21-23)
A major assignment of the Blessing is the channelling of the glory to the Blesser
The Blessing of God on the life of man is designed to allocate glory to the Blesser (Ps. 29:2)
3. Connecting others (your contacts) to God through the Blessing (Gen. 18:19; Job 1:1-3; 1Kings 10:8; 24-25; Gen. 26:14)
God wants to bless you so that your loved ones and those connected, related and associated with you can come to the knowledge of God
The best thing you can do for the creature is to connect them with the Creator
You need an evangelistic heart to connect the Blessing of God
God wants to bless us to a point where we disciple our generation with what God has put in our mouths
4. Existing as a channel of the Blessing through the Blessing (Gen. 12:2-3; Job 29:11-12; Acts 20:35; Gen. 14:14; 1Kings 10:8)
There is something higher than being blessed, it is being a blessing
God is not looking for containers of the Blessing, He is looking for channels of the Blessing
You make a living by what you get but you make a difference by what you give
You make a living by your income but you make a difference by your impact and a major assignment of the Blessing is impact
If you are ready to be a blessing, you will never beg to be blessed
God is looking for Blessing distributors, not blessing accumulators; He is looking for Blessing channels not blessing containers
5. Addiction to Divine instruction and direction (Gen. 12:1-3; 13:2; Deut. 28:1-2; Gen. 26:1-2; Deut. 11:27; 1Sam. 15:23)
The distance between your position and your possession can be covered by instruction
Nothing provokes the Blessing like obedience
The Blessing of God comes when you obey God despite what you feel
Your Blessing is connected to your hearing
Something God will do for you is connected to something God will say to you
The Blessing travels in the direction of Divine guidance; when God leads, He helps and supplies
What you receive from God in the way of provision is connected to what you receive from God in the way of instruction
6. Confidence in nobody and nothing but God (Gen. 14:22-23; Jer. 17:5-8; Ps. 34:5; Deut. 8:10-14, 17-18; Rom. 9:16; Eccl. 9:11)
Look up to no man including yourself; your expertise, wisdom or intelligence cannot be responsible for the Blessing of God on your life
God may use people as channels but never as sources; God is the only Source
Where you look per time determines whether you will shine or you will see shame (Ps. 34:5)
Come to the point where you are absolutely and completely dependent on God
7. Maintaining the Blessing Covenant practice of giving and receiving (Gen. 28:20-22; 12:2-3; Prov. 3:9-10; 1Sam. 2:30b; Gen. 8:22; 14:18-20; Heb. 7:6-8; Deut. 16:17)
The process of giving to God is an acknowledgement of your Source of supply
If God has granted you substance of any degree, He deserves honour from it
God makes deposits where He is free to make demands
There can never be demands where there have not been deposits
When the Lord blesses, the blessed is duty-bound to honour the Blesser (Prov. 3:9-10)
For you to continue to enjoy the blessing of life you must take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide; all truths are parallel
Father, I come before You today; I thank You because You are God and from everlasting to everlasting You remain God. All glory, honour, and adoration to Your Name, Lord. I receive the
grace to be positioned for the Blessing, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace to be well positioned for the Blessing, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I come before You today, let Your Blessing be real in my life and give me the grace to be positioned in the Blessing covenant, in Jesus’ Name.
1. This month ushers you into a new chapter, a new phase and a new beginning for your life and destiny, in Jesus’ Name.
2. This month is your appointed and anointed month for the fulfilment of Divine purpose in your life, in Jesus’ Name.
3. This month, every long standing agenda of the enemy against the purpose of God for your life is collapsing completely; every longstanding demonic structure erected against your life and destiny collapses completely, in Jesus’ Name.
4. This month ushers you into new realms of intimacy and relationship with God; the Holy of Holies shall be your abode this month, in Jesus’ Name.
5. This month ushers you into diverse Divine visitations, diverse Divine encounters and diverse strategic directions, in Jesus’ Name.
6. This month positions you for a change of garment and a positive change of identity, in Jesus’ Name.
7. This month ushers you into the fulfilment of promises and prophecies for your life, in Jesus’ Name.
8. This month, every enemy record in the archives of darkness standing against your life and destiny is hereby deleted by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ Name.
9. This month, every arrow of strange disease and sudden destruction will never locate you, in Jesus’ Name.
10. This month, individuals, institutions and systems shall come under pressure, they shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until all that is yours is released into your hands, in Jesus’ Name.
– Jehovah God is blessing you in ways beyond your imagination
– By dreams and revelations God will show you the right steps to take per time!
– God will not fail you!
– In an area of your life where you are looking for help, something is working out right now!
– Mercy, help and direction from above are coming, and confusion is breaking now, in Jesus’ Name!

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