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Father In Heaven by Dr Paul Enenche Family mp3 Download

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  1. When God gives a Song to Praise His Name, another thing that is needed to get human interested is to get a good voice, and here it is, God so blessed this family with Heavenly voicing, thank God for that precious vessel in the family that took the first solo of this song,it was so attracting, blessing and edifying. The Anointing in this family is so strong one down to the children of the Home, See how their voices are blessing Lives.
    May GOD increase the Anointing in that this Home, and I you ALL TO SING IN HEAVEN AT LAST.
    Pls, Sir, I want to know if you are the true owner of the facebook link that I sent some VERY IMPORTANT messages which concerns the body of Christ?
    I need talk to you Sir, as the Lord has place in my heart, I really need a true contact to across to you the things that the Lord has dropped in my Spirit.
    May GOD Bless your family.

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